Pony League Baseball Portable Pitching Mound

AllStar Mounds 8″ Pony League Baseball Portable Pitching Mound 4

Baseball Pitching Mound

The AllStar #4 Pitching Mound was designed for pony league youth games. These game mounds are typically for pitchers aged 13 through 15. As baseball games linger on, Allstar Mounds don’t develop holes & rough spots to distract the pitcher. Softball Pitching Mound | This portable mound has a thin edge all around so it lays almost even with the baseball field and won’t move around while the pitcher is going through his motion. These fiberglass youth pitching mounds require no maintenance by the park staff while baseball tournaments are taking place.

Baseball Mound | Pitching Mound | Portable Pitching Mound | Portable Baseball Mound | Softball Pitching Mound | Little League Pitching Mound

The AllStar #4 game pitching mound is 90” wide x 119” long. It is 8” high where the pitcher stands in front of the pitching rubber. The distance between the pitching rubber & the front of the mound is 80”, so even the tallest youth pitcher’s front foot should land on the mound and not in the dirt. Little League Pitching Mound | The Allstar #4  youth pitching mounds have a lot of room for the pitcher to work with & should help the pitcher improve his control of the ball.

90” Wide x 119” Long x 8” High

Easy to move to any field

Green or Clay AstroTurf®.

6”x24” White Pitching Rubber (REMOVABLE)

Pitching Rubber is 80” from the front of the mound

Improves pitcher’s control of the ball

Contact Info

305 Tuftco Drive, Dalton, GA 30721, (800) 868 0254 (Toll Free) (706) 278-7090 info@allstarmounds.com

Baseball Mound | Pitching Mounds | Portable Pitching Mound | Portable Baseball Mound | Softball Pitching Mound | Little League Pitching Mound









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