All Star Mounds Senior League Baseball Pitching Mound

AllStar Mounds 10″ Senior League Baseball Pitching Mound #6

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Contact Info305 Tuftco Drive, Dalton, GA 30721(800) 868 0254 (Toll Free)(706)

AllStar Pitching Mound are made with a thin edge all around so the pitchers will not turn their ankle when stepping off the mound. baseball mound, Our thin edge also prevents the ball from making any bad bounces if it hits the edge. AllStar Mounds by Gulfstream® are concaved on the bottom so the edge all around lies tight to the ground, even if the field is not groomed well. Our pitching mound will not curl up on the edges, even if they are stored standing all winter.

AllStar Pitching Mounds are manufactured in Dalton, GA, USA, with great pride since 1995, and carry a 3 year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell. 

The AllStar #6 portable pitching mound is made for senior league baseball (above age 16) and is our largest mound. Turn your softball fields into baseball fields in minutes and save many hours of maintenance by converting all your ball fields to AllStar Pitching Mound. This baseball mound has a thin edge all around to protect the pitcher. Our #6 Pitching Mound is 9’x12’x10″, and gives the pitcher plenty of room to work.

Mound Specifications

AllStar Pitching Mounds are manufactured in Dalton, GA, USA, with great pride since 1995, and carry a 3 year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell.  Baseball Mound | Pitching MoundPortable Pitching Mound | Portable Baseball Mound | Softball Pitching Mound | Little League Pitching Mound

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