Portolite Two-Piece 10″Hx11’3″Lx7’7″W Game Pitching Mound, Clay

the Portolite 10″ game pitching mound is constructed with a two-piece design that features interlocking sections for easy transportation, set-up/breakdown, and storage. This pitching mound give pitchers the same feel of a regulation baseball mound while also being light enough for field crews to move with ease. The mound features a high performing poly protected resilient core that is reinforced with fiberglass for a solid, no bounce, yet cushioned mound that helps to reduce knee and ankle strain. The mound features a simulated pitching rubber that is built to last 10 times longer than a standard rubber. A hidden wear pad is built-in underneath the turf immediately in front of the pitching rubber for added durability when pitchers push off the rubber. Measuring 10″H x 11’3″L x 7’7″W, this portable mound is covered in high quality, clay colored nylon AstroTurf. Tapered edges and gentle slopes provide the highest level of comfort while also preventing falling off the mound when practicing pick off moves.

Pitching Mound

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