Portable Pitching Mound for 12 and up Baseball Players

This 8″ pitching mound is perfect for youth players ages 12 and up. Watch your kids pitching skills improve dramatically over the seasons with this pitching mound!

Unlike most cheap pitching mounds, this mound contains no styrofoam or wood materials. This youth pitching mound is constructed with durable fiberglass and is layered with AstroTurf on the top.

This pitching mound is 101″ long, assuring that the pitchers front leg will land on the mound, and not on the flat dirt, just like in the big leagues. This is a great pitching mound that will help any pitcher improve their pitching skills!

Pitching Mound Features

• Perfect for youth players ages 12 and up

• Lightweight and durable design

• Easily bring on and off the baseball field

• Drastically improves pitching skills

• Comes in green or clay

• FREE Shipping!

Pitching Mound Dimensions

• 66″ W x 101″ L x8″ tall

• 60 oz. Green or Clay AstroTurf

• 6″ x 24″ White Rubber Pitching Block. (Removable)

• 68″ from rubber to edge.

• Weight: 160 lbs.

305 Tuftco Drive

Dalton, GA 30721

Toll Free:(800) 868 0254

Phone:(706) 278-7090

E-mail: info@allstarmounds.com





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